Who Was Rudolph Steiner?

Who Was Rudolph Steiner?

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) founder of the
Anthroposophical Society believed the Akashic records
to be just as real as reality itself.

…man can penetrate to the eternal origins of the
things which vanish with time. A man broadens his
power of cognition in this way if he is no longer
limited to external evidence where knowledge of the
past is concerned.

Then he can see in events what is not perceptible to
the senses, that part which time cannot destroy. He
penetrates from transitory to non-transitory history.

It is a fact that this history is written in other
characters than is ordinary history.

In gnosis and in theosophy it is called the “Akasha

To the uninitiated, who cannot yet convince himself of
the reality of a separate spiritual world through his
own experience, the initiate easily appears to be a
visionary, if not something worse.

The one who has acquired the ability to perceive in
the spiritual world comes to know past events in their
eternal character.

They do not stand before him like the dead testimony
of history, but appear in full life.

In a certain sense, what has happened takes place
before him.

Cosmic Memory

His description of Anthroposophy is as “a path of
knowledge, to guide the spiritual in the human being
to the spiritual in the universe”.