What Is A Bad Credit Credit Card?

What Is A Bad Credit Credit Card?

A bad credit credit card is a phrase which describes credit cards issued to individuals with bad credit ratings. “Bad credit credit cards” provide a chance for people with less than perfect credit to obtain a credit line and possibly improve their credit rating. Although these creditcards will carry rather “unfriendly” terms such as higher than normal interest rates, they give those with a poor credit history an opportunity to take advantage of the convenience that credit cards offer.

Another term that is sometimes used to describe bad credit creditcards is “secured credit cards”. Secured creditcards require users to deposit cash into their account prior to using the account. Doing so allows these customers to develop a history of responsible credit card use with the issuer.

If you’re interested in applying for a bad credit credit card, there are many choices available. When you begin comparing different credit card offers for those with poor credit history, there are 3 factors that you should really take into consideration before submitting your application.

1. What type of credit limit you can realistically expect from the credit card issuer

2. What fees are imposed on cardholders and the interest rate you’ll be charged when carrying a balance

3. What is the minimum balance (if any) that you’ll be expected to keep on deposit with the card issuer

Bad credit credit cards are an excellent way for those with poor credit ratings to get back on track. If you apply for one of these creditcards, remember to use it responsibly and avoid misusing your newly acquired line of credit. Credit cards, when used responsibly of course, can be extremely convenient and provide a safety net in the event that emergency funds are needed. Unfortunately, many people abuse their cards and wind up deep in debt with a ruined credit rating.