Train Museums

Train Museums

The emergence of trains played a significant role in the industrial revolution. With the advances in technology that took place over time, trains have become faster and more fuel efficient. Yet there is a place in our history books for those older model locomotives. It is also very interesting to discover the history behind trains in more ways than just reading about them.

If you are interested in the history of trains, you may find a visit to one of many train museums offers you plenty of information as well as great pieces of older equipment to look at. Technology has come a long way in regards to trains, and it can be fascinating to take a look back at the various types of tracks and trains from a century ago.

In addition to seeing those old time locomotives, you can see the actual materials that they train tracks were once made from. Hours and hours of hard work went into men digging the area with shovels to lay the materials for the train tracks. While the process is somewhat easier today, there is still plenty of hard work that goes into building, repairing, and maintaining railroad tracks.

If you live in the California area, you will find many of the very best train museums are featured around the state. The Golden Gate Railroad Museum, located in Redwood City, is a non-profit museum dedicated to preserving the history of steam locomotives and the history of trains around the San Francisco area.

In the heart of Golden, Colorado you will find another one of the best train museums. They offer more than 100 different historical locomotives and boxcars from various eras. This is also one of the oldest train museums as it was established in 1959.

One of the oldest and largest train museums is found in Cairo, Egypt. It is simply called the Rail Museum and it was founded in 1933. This particular train museum continues to be upgraded and expanded to offer as much history about the train industry as possible. There are more than 700 items on display here including locomotives, train parts, rails, documents, and early maps of the first railway routes.

Taking a close and personal look at the history of trains on display at the various museums will give you a new appreciation for this particular mode of transporting both people and materials. It is hard to believe when you look at the trains of today that that the concepts behind them almost didn’t get off the ground in the 1800’s. No one really believed it would become a viable way to get around the world. Today more than 60 million people travel on trains annually and there are more than 300,000 miles of track.

The internet is a great resource for helping you to locate the different train museums you may want to visit. You can find out about the various exhibits they offer, the cost of admission, hours of operation, and directions. If you travel often for business or pleasure you may want to choose a couple of great train museums to see during your free time. There are hundreds of great train museums located around the world so it is nice to know you won’t have to travel to just one specific location in order to take a trip back in time.