Tibet Timeline Online

Tibet Timeline Online

Tibet is one of the most well-known places on earth, known by people of all ages. It has been visited by millions of people coming from all over the world, and all of its reputation can be associated with all the wonders that Tibet has to offer, including centuries old monasteries and temples, palaces, arts, technologies, religion, and a history that is so varied, yet interesting.

The history of Tibet is worth knowing in the sense that every situation and development involved has played a very important role in the rise of today’s Tibetan society. Each part of the Tibet timeline, for instance, has contributed much to the development of the Tibetan people, its government and religion. And, much to your surprise, the history of Tibet is what makes other places realized their own roles in this changing world.

Now if you want to know exactly the history of Tibet in rich details, then there’s no other way you can do than to look for Tibet timelines. Tibet timelines are now highly accessible through a number of resources available offline and online. All you need to do is to know exactly where you can find these Tibet timelines.

Well, to help make your search for best timelines a bit easier, I have mentioned below some of the worth visiting sites online where a Tibet timeline is presented for the users to use. So if you are so serious in knowing all about Tibet, consider the following:


When it comes to knowing the history of China and its regions, the HaiweiTrails.com serves as one useful resource. The site is actually developed by a group of Americans and Brits who live in Asia and want to travel and explore the far off southwest regions of China. What’s nice to know about their Tibet timeline is that it is so comprehensive, with all the important details presented. Information about the Ancient Tibet and even its beginnings according to myths are highlighted, as well as the dynasties. All of the information given is presented in highly chronological order.


Here’s another notable site for Tibet timeline online. At this site, you can find a timeline that is also ordered, yet not so detailed. Well, the Tibet timeline presented at this site actually focuses much on the history of Buddhism in Tibet. All of the major events, however, are presented, making this resource still a useful one.


If you want further information about Tibet and its history, try also to consider the Tibet timeline presented at CBC.com, which is but the official site of CBC News. Here, you can find comprehensive information about the place, including the most important dates and events in Tibet’s history. Some quick facts are even presented to give you a wealth of information about Tibet.