The Way to Competitive Bad Credit Secured Personal Loans

The Way to Competitive Bad Credit Secured Personal Loans

A colleague of yours recently went for a secured personal loan, and the rate of interest he was promised on the loan had you amazed. How come he was able to get such a competitive rate when you have to bear an expensive rate of interest? Our recipe of dealing with such situations is to be calm and reconsider what was missing in your case.

Many a times, the most unnoticed change in circumstances is related to the credit history. Are we asking you to be conscious of the changed circumstances and take the expensive interest rate as granted? No! We are just asking you to not compare with your colleague who may have a good credit history to reckon with. A person with bad credit history, as we will learn later on in the article, implies lesser credibility. Therefore, lenders are only countering themselves against the risk of non-repayment. So you can expect a rate of interest, which is higher than the rate normally promised on bad credit secured personal loans.

However, if your colleague too had a bad credit and in spite of that, there were differences in rates then it is a matter of concern. The first step in the diagnosis will be to check which lender advanced the bad credit secured personal loans. Check the interest rate that it offers. Often the various lending agencies in the UK do not offer a similar interest rate. If this has been the case then you need to diagnose no further and accept it as your fate that you hooked up with this lender and not the one who offers lower rate.

Instead of searching for lower rate, search for a reasonable rate. A reasonable rate of interest is often the standard and has been accepted after taking into account the risk factor and several other factors. So ask for a reasonable and competitive rate when taking bad credit secured personal loans. Lenders will take into account the customers credit score and fix the interest rate accordingly. Credit score is derived by allowing for credit deformities like County Court Judgements, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, bankruptcy and even defaults and arrears.

As we said earlier, you need not be conscious with a bad credit your credit file. The instances of bad credit have become quite popular these days and lenders are no longer disturbed by it. This explains the reason why bad credit secured personal loans are so easily available. And one cannot sideline the two most important benefits of bad credit secured personal loans. Firstly, one is able to use the accumulated equity in asset or property. Secondly, person’s credit history improves. And all these in the process when you are enjoying the funds released by bad credit secured personal loans.