The History Of Chess

´╗┐The History Of Chess

Chess is widely considered to be the oldest of all board games as it is a sport in more than a few countries, and a test of skill played by millions the world over and it is gaining popularity day by day. The Modern chess sets have 32 pieces, 16 black and 16 white, on a board comprised of 64 squares and with this finite arrangement of figurines and playing surfaces has led to a wide variety of chess sets over the years.

Chess and history:

The history helps one to learn the history and mythology of the Vikings as you sail your ship to far-off lands, conquering countries and winning treasures. Due to its historical significance it is seen that there are a lot of historical attributes that add to the kind of quality it has with a different set of rules and the game is played differently. In the western countries the extension of the powers of the queen made it easier to enforce checkmate in the endgame and the set of rules differ from place to place and so does the history.

Chess sets and cartoon characters:

The best example is the hand painted and that gives it an artistic look to it with features all of the endearing characters from the wonderful world of Winnie the Pooh. It is a great opportunity to Capture memories of childhood or introduce your children or grand children to these timeless characters as the children are fond of them. The fine details such as noses, horses ear’s, swords, daggers and flag staffs could be snapped of if treated too roughly. There is a great variety of other themes chess page where there is a great collection of marble, onyx, fossil coral and soapstone chess sets together to create an interest for chess among the players who intend to play chess.