Rome History

Rome History Dating back to the primitive periods of human civilization, Rome history is said to have begun in 753BC. However, it has been contended by historians that are still studying its origins. According to them, it begun more earlier specifically on 625BC. At those times, the entire locals were administered to by foreign monarchs

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History of Rome

History of Rome Presently regarded as “the eternal city”, the rich history of Rome has dated back to the primitive periods of human civilization. The ancient locals believed that their city was established in 753BC. However, it has been refuted by modern historians who said that it was founded on 625BC. At the early days,

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Rome Area History Museum

Rome Area History Museum At the first sound of its name, one would think that it is located somewhere in Europe, specifically in Italy. Do not get fooled by the name because Rome Area History Museum is just somewhere in the United States. It is situated on Board Street in the heart of Downtown Rome,

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