History of Paris

History of Paris This French city is not only wealthy in terms of its gross income but also with accounts of how it came to be. Admiring the place is not just enough, it is also important to discover its roots. Below is a brief account of the history of Paris. The history of Paris …

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Panama History

Panama History The first landing of the Spaniards on its shore in 1501 marked the Panama history. Little did they know, it was only the beginning of a tale of treasures, collisions among empires, wonderful dreams fulfilled and simple requests unmet. A lot of people said that there is a trace of ancient poetry about …

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The History Of Rugs

The History Of Rugs The history of rugs is quite amazing. The weaving of rugs and carpets dates back to at least 500 BC. Rugs are made by weaving, at least this is how they started making rugs. Weaving is nothing new, our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years. The first weaving …

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