Site Embraces the AR15

´╗┐Site Embraces the AR15

Originally developed by Armalite, the AR15 rifle was sold to Colt in the late 1950s. According to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, “In 1960 a milestone in Colt history began with the introduction of the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, followed by the M16 military full-automatic version. Involvement of the United States in Vietnam again put heavy demands on Colt to supply arms for the troops…. On 28 February 1967, the United States Army adopted the XM16E1 rifle as a standard United States M16A1 rifle, 5.56mm.”
Today, the AR15 is manufactured by a variety of companies. Its value to law enforcement and other shooters lies in its accuracy and low cost. Its flexible arrangement means that the AR15 can accommodate a variety of accessories and sights, and that replacing parts is fairly straightforward.
In the world of firearms aficionados, has a commanding presence. With sponsors ranging from Green Mountain Tactical to Aimpoint, provides an exciting Internet forum on firearms and firearms-related issues. According to the site’s introduction, “The hand-picked staff and much of the membership represent competitive shooters, law enforcement, military both current and past, as well as the avid hobbyist.”’s forum format welcomes discussion about virtually all firearms-related topics. There is a forum for military and law enforcement personnel; survival topics and survival gear forums for survivalists; and archery and knife forums. Gun specific forums include those dedicate to the AR15, handguns, and shotguns. Accessory forums cover lights, sights, and ammunition. Sponsors each have their own forum, while regional forums draw together those who live near one another. The site’s photo gallery provides members with the opportunity to post pictures of their tactical weaponry, while its links section offers visitors the best firearms sites on the Web. also features gun-related news.
The AR15’s rich history is taken to the next step as visitors to the site passionately discuss this firearm.