Rome Area History Museum

Rome Area History Museum

At the first sound of its name, one would think that it is located somewhere in Europe, specifically in Italy. Do not get fooled by the name because Rome Area History Museum is just somewhere in the United States. It is situated on Board Street in the heart of Downtown Rome, Georgia. Established in 1996, the purpose of its construction was to promote an understanding of history that would hopefully enrich lives. Aiming to inspire a strong sense of oneness in community, it brings it into fulfillment by exhibiting, interpreting and preserving collections that portrays the “eternal city” as well as the surrounding areas.

Even if the Rome Area History Museum has not yet reached a decade of operation, there have already been thousands of visitors both young and old. Their exhibits have been helping a lot of individuals to take a trip down the memories of the classical periods. It begins with an illustration of the early settlers such as the Native Americans that experienced how tough it was living in the age of the Civil War. Then there are the depictions of the industrialization developments as well as the changes of the different cultures. Original manuscripts such as documents, letters, maps and records are also provided for especially for those who will be going there for research studies.

The latest topics covered at the gallery in Rome Area History Museum include local textile mills that were generated from canvas, cord, gauze and rayon used for bandages, belts, parachutes, tents, tires and uniforms. Everything that were mentioned were actually utilized on the production of the Army Navy E- Awards. There was also the role of the women in volunteering with Red Cross’ rolling bandages. Battery Hospital was also shown, it was built by the military for their colleagues who were wounded. At the same time, it also accommodated prisoners of war from Germany.

Rome Area History Musem also presented forms of communications that were applied by the troops. One will get to have an idea what were the elaborate codes created by the young men to get in touch with their families before engaging in the battle field. The rationing of food, gas, metal, shoes and many more can also be witnessed. In the past, the locals gathered aluminum to assist those that will be sent out for combat. Sympathy will overflow one’s heart as there are pictures telling how hard it was for a child to survive at those instances. The Russell Airfield is also featured. It was a base where the Navy personnel trained for their future combats. Admiral John Towers was also included, he played a very crucial role in the industry of aviation. He was a primary strategist for the hostilities in the Pacific region.

For those who are interested to pay a visit in Rome Area History Museum, they are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am- 5pm. Children that are under six years old are free while those who are aged seven to up will be charged between .50 to .00. You can also log in their website at