Pitigliano : Holiday In Maremma

Pitigliano : Holiday In Maremma

If you ever have the chance to visit Marrema, then do your self a favor and do anything that passes through your hand in order to visit Pitigliano. It’s a wonderful small city, surrounded by astonishing nature and overshadowed by a long history.

Pitigliano is located 313 meters above the sea level; built over steep, tuff rock, a type of volcanic magma. The city itself is very unique; in fact, it’s so different from its surroundings that it has nothing to do with the classic Tuscan farm houses and smooth hills.

The city is affected to such a level by the tuff rock it is built over that it appears as if everything evolves around the rocks presence; as a matter of fact, there are countless human – made cuts in the tuff rock. The depth of those cuts varies form something less than one meter to over 10 meters!

Although you will actually find those human – made cuts in reality to be more interesting than what they sound to be (when you have the chance to see them of course!), I will just forget that and give you enough reasons to visit Pitigliano; even if you take into consideration nothing of what I have said so far!

Pitigliano is famous for it’s history, the majority of the sights prove that; after all, it’s considered to be a historical place. You can pay a visit to the Orsini fortress, a very interesting and well – preserved medieval type fortress. After that, you might visit the Cathedral of SS. Pietro e Paolo or the Church of Santa Maria. If you are fascinated about old – time wars then you can also move around the town and study the great protecting walls and the huge gates; the area of the town where the walls and the gates are best preserved is Porta Sovana, don’t miss that; you will be impressed!

Apart from all the above, you should know that Pitigliano carries an important Jewish history. For quite a long time, the city embodied an extraordinarily large Jewish community; it’s not hard to figure, as a side effect, the whole town and the culture were heavily influenced.

If you are a fan of history, you shouldn’t miss this place; not only it is unique and distinct but it also preserves a very personal style through the years.