No Credit Car Loans – Auto Loans For First Time Car Buyers

No Credit Car Loans – Auto Loans For First Time Car Buyers

If you have never had credit in your name, financing a new or used car may be problematic. Still, there are ways to get around having no credit history. Several auto lenders offer loans to all types of people. If you have bad credit, no credit, or a recent repossession, there is a lender willing to help you. Here are a few tips to help first time car buyers get approved for loan.

Apply for a Major Credit Card or Gas Card

If financing a new or used car, it helps to have some sort of credit history. This way, lenders can receive an idea of likely credit habits. When a person with no credit history attempts to buy a car, most finance companies are hesitant to approve the loan application. Although some lenders will take a chance, those with no credit history will pay a higher interest rate.

Having at least one credit card can contribute to getting a low rate on an auto loan. Auto finance companies prefer applicants with a previous credit history. With this said, it may help to get approved for a major credit card, gas card, or store card.

For six months, pay the creditors on time and keep low balances. When an auto finance company reviews your credit report, they will notice a good payment history and approve your loan with confidence.

Use a No Credit Auto Loan Lender

If applying for a car loan with no credit history, skip dealership financing and find a local or online sub prime auto loan lender. Sub prime lenders offer many loans to accommodate different credit types. Thus, individuals with a terrible credit history can get approved easily. The auto loan rates offered to those with no credit history are reasonable, and generally lower than rates offered by the dealership.

Use a Co-signer Responsibly

Establishing a strong credit history takes time. If you are eager to get a car loan, and you prefer a low rate, use a co-signer. Co-signers are required to sign the loan agreement. As the primary car buyer, you are responsible for the loan payments. Keep in mind that co-signers become responsible for the loan if you are unable to repay.