Lowering Credit Card Debt – Building A Better Credit History

Lowering Credit Card Debt – Building A Better Credit History

Although it is possible to get approved for a mortgage loan with a high debt ratio, having a low credit card balance will present better financing options. Becoming debt free is a highly sought after goal. Fewer debt payments offer the opportunity to begin saving money. There are several effective strategies for eliminating credit card debt. However, before outlining a plan, consumers must be willing to alter their spending habits.

High Credit Card Balance Contributors

If used properly, credit cards serve a practical purpose. When an emergency arises, and you are short on cash, a credit card offers a quick solution. Sadly, many people use credit cards to finance frivolous purchases. This is common among young adults.

To avoid the credit card trap, consumers need to control their spending habits. Acquiring too much debt has several repercussions. Aside from high credit card payments, several lenders are hesitant to loan money to people with high credit card balances.

Ways Credit Card Debt Affects Credit History

If you plan on financing an automobile or home, maintaining a good credit history is important. Bad credit will not necessarily affect loan approvals. However, if you have good credit, you can expect better financing rates and options.

Some consumers think that good credit entails simply paying minimum payments on time. While a good payment history does contribute to good credit, the amount of debt you have acquired also plays a role.

Lenders are more confident when a loan applicant’s credit card debt is about 25% of the limit. If your credit cards are at more than half the limit or nearly maxed out, this will result in a lower credit score.

Tips for Reducing Credit Card Debt

With self-control and effort, it is possible to dramatically reduce your credit card debt within a year. However, before a credit card reduction can take place, you must stop using the card.

The only way to reduce the balance is to pay more than the minimum payments. On average, minimum payments equal the finance charges. Thus, attempt to pay triple the minimum payment.