Ireland – Fusion Of Culture And History

Ireland – Fusion Of Culture And History

Ireland is a popular tourist destination. This country offers unrivalled tourist attractions. This is what makes people come back time and again to Ireland. What makes Ireland as popular as it is now among tourists? What is its charisma that makes people want to go back?

Ireland is an 84,412 km land area with a total coastline distance of 3,172. It is considered as the “emerald isle” because of its prominent greens. Its capital city is Dublin, known for its cosmopolitan and chic mood.

Ireland’s Tourist Attractions

Ireland is the home of the Irish race. The Irish contributes to the appeal of this country. They are the people who will welcome anyone with a smile. Hospitality and amiability are traits common to the Irish. These people are nurtured by culture and strengthened by history. Their ways are guided by Irish principles that have guided their ancestors.

Ireland offers an exquisite view and experience of nature at its best. There are several gardens to explore. The St. Stephen’s Green is one of the most visited garden attractions in Ireland. There are several more nature attractions in Ireland. It is in Ireland where you can take a walk surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Ireland is a land of culture and history. This is evident in the many festivals celebrated in this country. Tourists can join in the fun and festive spirit of this country. There are festivals commemorating music and arts, films, children, literature, nature, youth and history. These fares and festivals are proofs to how the Irish revere their rich culture.

There are also several historical sites and heritage castles to visit in Ireland. Tourists can relive the earliest years of this country with the several museums. The national museum of Ireland can be visited in Dublin. There are museums celebrating literature, arts, and even transportation. The old castles, which used to serve as residences or fortresses, now serve as historical tourist attractions.

Staying In Ireland Made Easy

Getting to Ireland is easy with all the transportation modes in this country. There are land, water and air transportations operating in Ireland. Staying in Ireland is also a burden off the shoulders of tourists. There is a wide array of hotels and accommodations in Ireland. These hotels suit any type of budget and needs. They range from economy to luxury.

Indeed, there are countless reasons why tourists simply love Ireland. With all the attractions and complete comfort, there is no better “home away from home” destination than Ireland.