International Sea Kayaking Guide Books

´╗┐International Sea Kayaking Guide Books

Kayakers who want to add to their sea kayaking adventures and explorations will find many destinations to choose from in sea kayaking guide books. Here are a few of the those available.

Guide to Sea Kayaking Central & Northern California

Authors Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner included over 40 sea kayaking trips with over 100 alternative routes. Created for beginners as well as expert sea kayakers, the book includes mile by mile descriptions of routes, prominent landmarks, maps, and interesting sights.

Sea Kayaking Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay: Day Trips on the Tidal Tributaries and Coastlines of the Western and Eastern Shore
Written by Michael Savario and Andrea Nolan, this is billed as the first and only kayaking guide to the Chesapeake Bay region. The book covers over 30 trips.

The Chesapeake watershed covers over 64,000 square miles and drains part of six states in addition to Washington, D.C. The tidal shoreline is 4,600 miles long. There are over 400 rivers and creeks.
This guide covers trips in the Bay, in tributaries and along both East and West shores. Information includes put-ins, put-outs, winds, currents, equipment, safety, and paddling. Sidebars note salt marsh ecology, wildlife and social and maritime history.

Low-impact paddling techniques are discussed along with hypo/hyperthermia, and more.

Sea Kayaking Along the Mid-Atlantic Coast: Coastal Paddling Adventures From New York to Chesapeake Bay

Veteran coast paddler Tamsin Venn chose 30 kayaking trips along the mid-Atlantic shoreline to include in this guide book. Detailed route descriptions are provided, along with local history, wildlife, ecology, maps and NOAA chart references, access, parking, launching and landing, trip mileage, harbor information, tidal ranges, currents, weather, equipment and more.

Scottish Canoe Classics

Eddy Palmer chose his favorite 25 inland touring routes and included them here. Numerous photos and specially commissioned maps provide detail. Routes are suitable for open canoe and touring kayaks. There’s plenty of variety. The journeys take place on inland lochs, sheltered sea lochs and rivers of up to Grade 2.
Sea Kayaking (Outside Adventure Travels)

Veteran kayaker Jonathan Hanson details 25 coastlines spanning seven seas from Northwest Territories to Baja, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Everglades, from the Greek Isles to Tierra del Fuego, from the Red Sea to Fiji. Readers will find out how to see the powerful Orcas (killer whales) off the coast of British Columbia, dolphins racing in the Sea of Cortez off Baja, beluga whales cruising the Arctic and gray seals and puffins on the cliffs of Scotland’s Hebrides.
Wild Coast (The)

Volume 1: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreational Guide for North and West Vancouver Island
John Kimantas covers the geography, ecology, history and attractions of North and West Vancouver Island with dozens of color photos and maps. Eleven chapters are included. Each describes a distinct island area with amenities, attractions, ecology, history, place names, landing sites, campsites and general trivia. This guidebook allows the reader to plan and get the most from exploring this spectacular coast.

From the United States to the Great Barrier Reef to Vancouver Island, these guide books offer sea kayaking trips for beginners and experts alike.