How To Successfully Apply For A Home Loan

´╗┐How To Successfully Apply For A Home Loan

Home Loan Tip #1 Pay your bills on time
Mortgage lenders review your payment history when assessing whether you are responsible and worthwhile risk, so it is important that both pay your bills on time, and never skip any payments. A lengthy and regular payment history, coupled with all your debts being paid up to date is essential to support any home loan application.
Home Loan Tip #2 Continuous employment history
Mortgage lending criteria includes a review of your employment history, and it is generally accepted that two years continuous employment in the same (or similar) job will reflect favourably on your application. So, if you want to buy a house but are considering changing jobs after 18 months, it’s a good idea to
wait until your loan is approved before you change your circumstances. Once the home loan has been approved, the world is your oyster once again.
Home Loan Tip #3 Pay off your debts
Another criterion of mortgage lenders is your debt to income ratio. Lenders have a tendency to favour responsible individuals who have made a concerted effort to lower their debt levels, so make sure you pay off as many debts as possible prior to making your home loan application.
Home Loan Tip #4 Start saving
All lenders like to see money in your bank account before giving you theirs. Before you apply for your home loan, it is preferable to ensure you have at least 20% deposit, and sufficient funds available to cover several monthly payments should you experience financial difficulty. Proof of savings is an important start to improving the chance of home loan approval.