Home Schooling and the Study of History

Home Schooling and the Study of History

Do you think that spending time in traditional
classrooms is not worth it? To some people, that is
true. For example, a test is coming up and the
students are asked to memorize a lot of dates and
names. However, after taking the exam, they will
definitely forget about those dates and names. That’s
what most students do every time they have exams. Are
you one of them? If you find traditional history
lessons boring, home schooling which focuses more on
the history of the world will surely catch your fancy.

Memorization is not enough to know the significance of
famous people and important events. Through history
home schooling, you can learn about the different
cultures of the past in a unique but interesting way.
Through the study of history, you will also understand
the current situation of the world today.

If you think that home schooling is the best option
for your child’s effective learning, you should also
be prepared to take some responsibilities. Since there
will be no teacher physically, you have to supervise
your child’s learning progress.

Suppose your kid is interested in sports. Through
history home schooling, you can simply start by
putting a wall map on your child’s room. Mark the
location of his favorite sports team and make sure
that you track all the team’s activities and
schedules. One way to go back to history is to read
biographies of the various athletes who became popular
in the particular sport your child loves. Aside from
that, you can also look into the history of the
specific sport and discover where it originated, its
inventor, and the other things happening in that
particular time.

For example, your child loves baseball. You can teach
your kid about the history of Negro Leagues,
government hearings on the use of steroids, and other
favorite pastimes during that time. Always remember
that you can apply this concept on any file of
interest such as dance and inventions. You can also
have conversations with your child concerning the
current events or read interesting historical fiction
and other books. Aside from that, you can also watch
documentaries together with the whole family. There
are various resources that your child can use in home
schooling like maps, a globe, an atlas, and
encyclopedias. Through the exciting adventures that
you and your child went through, he/she will find it
easier to remember the names and dates in history. So
you see, learning is best when done in a fun and
educational way.

These things are recommended if the child is still
young but once your child is much older, you must
choose the appropriate home schooling program that is
suitable for his/her age. The programs are available
on the elementary level, high school, and even
college. You simply have to search online for these
various programs. A good thing about these programs is
that you can tailor it to fit the interests of your
child. But you must see to it that all the lessons are
learned and followed by your child.

Once you and your child decide to go for home
schooling, you must be prepared for some changes to
take place. The learning environment will now be at
home and through the various resources that you can
use like the computer and internet.