History of the Paralegal Profession

History of the Paralegal Profession

When you find the legal world appealing, you might as well get yourself acquainted with the history of the paralegal profession. It is not that ancient as it only started in the 1970’s. However, court cases still need to be handled by a legitimate lawyer who passed the bar examination in order for the whole process to be complete.

You may call the history of the paralegal profession sort of a late bloomer but it was only in the year it begun where there was a great consideration of attorneys needing someone to assist them in their workloads. There were also some corporations who were looking for individuals to do legal typing services and those who are full- pledged lawyers have to carefully think of the impact it will bring to them if they resort to the job description.

Prior to such, plenty of law firms were also training their administrative staff to perform some routinary operations where it was then the dawning of independent paralegal companies. At present, paralegals are under the supervision of a legitimate attorney but they should be knowledgeable in the judicial system so they can properly armorbear their immediate head.

Over the years, there has been a lot of mushrooming private organizations that compose of legal assistants. Below, you will read a brief account of how they were formed.

History of the Paralegal Profession of AAFPE
The American Association for Paralegal Education (AAFPE) was established in 1981. It took its roots when the American Bar Association (ABA) hosted the first conference for paralegal professors.
AAFPE strives to accomplish the promotion of high criterions for paralegal education, provide a convention for professional improvement, offer technical assistance as well as consultation services, plan research on how to disseminate information on the occupation and cooperate with the American Bar Association as well as other institutions in developing an approval process for paralegal educational curriculums.

History of the Paralegal Profession of MPA
The Metrolina Paralegal Association (MPA) was created during the winter between the years of 1980 to 1981. It was by a small group of people who deemed that the paralegal profession was becoming a reality in Charlotte as well as in North Carolina. Their first- ever meeting had the agenda of learning about the novel state association where they also presented a set of bylaws and rules.
MPA’s chief purpose is to further the continuity of paralegal education. Their original plan was to conduct a minimum of sis academic meetings in an annual basis then they advanced to having a whole- day seminar each year. It was held at the Central Piedmont Community College with the cooperation of the CPCC Paralegal Association.