History of Skydiving

History of Skydiving

Skydiving, just the thought of it stirs different reactions. The novice will probably have mixed feelings of excitement and fright. The regulars will definitely exude confidence and manifest anticipation to make the next skydive. While many have enjoyed and feared this extreme recreational activity, the history of skydiving is still relatively unknown to many.

The history of skydiving dates back as far as circa 1797 when Andre-Jacques Garnerin of Paris, France invented the vented parachute and made a successful jump using the same vented parachute. Though parachutes have had many derivations including that of Leonardo da Vinci’s, the inspiration of Garnerin’s invention was taken from the device that is similar that of an umbrella, which eventually further developed the steadiness of the descent.

Another variation of the parachute, which was one of the forerunners of skydiving, was the limp parachute. This limp parachute was equipped with a horizontal bar instead of the usual basketlike mechanism. In 1897 Tom Baldwin of the U.S. made the successful attempt in using the limp parachute. Another brave American, Leslie Irvin launched himself into stardom in 1919 when he used a hand-operated parachute.

The stellar history of skydiving included both the World War I and II wherein the military forces of both the opposing forces have benefited the utility of skydiving. Skydiving became competitive way back in 1930s wherein skydivers would unleash skills to win the most coveted plum. After 21 years skydiving became a sport of worldwide proportion. In1990, an internationally known parachuting competition, the 20th World Parachuting Championships was held.

Presently skydiving is considered both as a recreational activity and a sport. Today there are many variations of skydiving, one of which is skydive surfing. Skydive surfing begun in mid 1960s when Gary Patnor was credited to be the first person to such difficult air acrobatics. Again Gary Patnor made another act that is now listed in the history of skydiving. Sony, the technology giant company contracted Patnor in 1971 to make the first “air-to-air video jump”. In the succeeding year he made a recording of the Transpo 1972 International Air Show.

Other people might consider skydiving as a risky sport or recreational activity. While others have continuously enjoyed heart pumping and the adrenalin rush they can get from this sport. Many couples have launched daredevil acts in skydiving while some group had earned their own accolades as the one of the world’s best skydiving groups. International skydiving competitions are regularly held that showcase the best skydivers. Skydiving suits and equipment are likewise adapting to the changing needs of skydivers that they became more sophisticated.

Skydiving only started with the relatively weird imagination and the inquisitive minds of those who were searching answers for human’s ability to fly. And as they say the rest is history.