History of Operating Systems

History of Operating Systems

The history of computer operating systems is relatively new. Early versions of computers didn’t run on any kind of operating system which made them difficult to operate for the general user. The user had sole use of the machine and would arrive armed with programs and data usually on punched paper tape. The program would be loaded into the machine and the machine would set to work until it was completed or the computer crashed.

Over the years, operating systems have evolved to more user-friendly software programs that make it easier for anyone to use a computer in a more efficient way. As machines became more powerful, the necessity for some type of program to manage the data and the processes became more and more important.

One of the first operating systems that came about originated at Microsoft with the invention of MS-DOS. This operating system called for users to enter commands in to make a system perform certain tasks. While it wasn’t for everyone, it was still a step forward into computer technology.

The next step in the history of operating systems came from Apple Corporation with the advent of Mac OS. The Macintosh operating system was the basis for a lot of the operating systems we see on computers today. This operating system was the first to introduce graphical user interfaces (GUI) that made navigating the personal computer much easier for any user.

Using Mac OS as a model, Microsoft began re-vamping their own operating system eventually releasing the first version of Microsoft Windows which also used GUI technology to make it easier to use a computer. As user requirements became more demanding, Microsoft developed more and more operating system versions to make the computer more efficient.

While Mac OS was the basis for Windows, the latter has certainly taken over the market in popularity. The history of Windows as an operating system is certainly much more involved than Mac. The many versions of Windows – each improving on the other – has made computer technology evolve into a science that is ever-growing and ever-changing.

Even though computer technology is a relatively new phenomenon, the history of operating systems has a long past. As different versions of the two biggies – Windows and Mac OS – come out, a new page is written in the computer history “books”. Just as the history of operating systems has evolved over the years, it will continue to evolve. Programmers will make operating systems better and better and make our computer usage easier and easier.