History of Atkins Diet

History of Atkins Diet

Have you heard and read about the Atkins diet? Are you new to this diet concept? Wondering how and when Atkins diet was developed? Knowing the history of Atkins diet is very much interesting. It will not only give you idea on who developed the most controversial diet of today, but knowing the history of Atkins diet will enlighten you to some degree about the core concept of the plan.

So if you are interested to know the history of Atkins diet, then why not continue reading? Feed your mind with something interesting about the history of Atkins diet while lying in your bed or while just relaxing around the pool. It’s all worth it, after all.

Essentially, the history of Atkins diet can be traced back to the 1960s. It was developed by a cardiologist who graduated in Cornell University Medical School in 1955 named Dr. Robert Atkins, hence the diet’s name. The idea behind the plan first bloomed when Dr, Atkins opened his own private practice in New York City. According to some stories, the history of Atkins diet can be traced back to the time when Dr. Atkins was busy treating his patients in his medical hub and out of the blue began formulating his controlled carbohydrate approach to dieting.

From that move, Dr. Atkins started to write his own approach and successfully launched his dieting book entitled “Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution” in 1972. So, although the idea behind the approach was thought as early as 1960, the history of Atkins diet can easily be said to have emerged in the book launching per se.

The history of Atkins diet goes on and was noted with the new editions of Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. Yes, several editions of Dr. Atkins’ book were made and it was due to the popularity of the plan itself. It was reported by certain resources that since the first introduction of Atkins diet, the books have become one of the top 50 selling books in the US and the world. Millions of Americans have started considering the Atkins diet plan and it is nice to know many of them have attained better weight. However, along with the rise of Atkins diet is the rise of controversies. Several attacks to Atkins diet were raised, but still the Atkins diet remains as one of the top selling books of all time now.

Another interesting thing to note about the history of Atkins diet is the reintroduction of the new Atkins diet book which was written by Dr. Atkins himself. The new version comes with the title “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” and it is highly stressed in this masterpiece that Atkins diet plays a great role for treating not only the problem of obesity, but also Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, and high cholesterol. It is the release of the new Atkins version actually that creates one of the notable highlights in the history of Atkins diet.

Today, several reports have noted that millions of people throughout America and the world are reading the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. They are not simply reading, but are using the plan to their own diets.