Getting Your First Business Credit Card

Getting Your First Business Credit Card

Many people believe that the banks will turn their request down due to their lack of credit history, which is possible for small businesses and new start-ups. But one can get a credit card if he has a steady source of income. Most people stumble into the same kind of problem when it comes to using and managing their credit card. Most banks ask for prior credit history or some kind of guarantee so that it could be proved that the applicants business will be a good payer. But most of the time people lack this. It is true that building a credit card history is not easy but it’s possible.

Banks are hesitant to issue a credit card to users who are unable to show their credit history. This may involve young people and those who are applying for a credit card for the first time. They will always face this problem. If your business has a good credit history and you don’t, or even vice versa, then consider applying through the most reliable source.

This problem has many solutions. Some banks routinely offer visa and master cards to first time applicants. It’s true that at first you will not have a credit history, but you may have to make a credit history some where down the line. Making mortgage payments, either through your business or otherwise, is a good indication that you intend to pay on time every time.

What if the applicant doesn’t have a credit history at all? Then he has some other alternatives. Go and buy a shopping card from your departmental store or a gas station. They offer store and gas station specific cards, and they will most likely give you their card. Use that card wisely and mange and properly to build your credit history. Buy something from the store and then pay it off on time when the statement arrives. You may do this for several months and then re-apply for a visa or a master card. The bank will then have a proof of your steady income and this credit history as basis upon which they will decide whether or not to assign a card to the applicant.

Another way of establishing a credit is to get your self a debit card. Debit cards work like credit cards but they are issued when a bank account holder applies for it. They are issued easily. They are secure in the sense that the user can not exceed the amount he has in his bank account. This is a good option for those who are having problems in establishing their credit history and getting a credit card for the first time.

Remember that it is extremely important that you pay off in time if you are using gas station or departmental store’s card because that will be the credit history you will show to the bank. As long as you pay on time and do not carry a large balance from month to month, you have got yourself in the list of likely candidates for a credit card.