Five Credit Building Tactics

Five Credit Building Tactics

If you are looking to apply for a credit card, than you’ll need to ensure that you have sufficient creditworthiness. In reality, this is no easy task – so if you are having problems with this, the following 5 credit building tactics should help.

1. Open a current account

All credit card companies like to see that their potential borrowers are responsible when given the opportunity to borrow money. However, if you only have a deposit account then there is no real chance that you could ever do overdrawn. A way to correct this is to open a current account with a high street bank and use it responsibly, i.e. don’t go overdrawn! In any event, in any application you make to a credit card issuer they are going to ask you for details of your current account so you may as well take the opportunity of using the past history of your current account to help in establishing your credit rating.

2. Have all your utility bills in your name

A second way you can start to build up credit brownie points is to put all your utility bills, e.g. your water, gas and telephone bills, in your name and make sure that you pay them all on time! Again, it is very likely that the credit card issuer will ask you to provide them with at least one utility bill when you apply for the card, so you may as well make use of this now as a tactic to start building up your credit history.

3. Apply for a charge card or store card

As most charge cards require you to pay off the balance in full each month, using this as a tactic to enhance your credit history is sound. Not only are you not really afforded the chance to default on a payment, but as the details are provided to several different rating agencies you can use this to building up your credit history.

4. Get a car loan

Applying for, and repaying in a timely manner, any type of loan is one of the fastest credit building tactics you can use. If you drive, and know you can afford to repay a car loan, you should give serious thought to taking out a car loan – even if it is just to refinance repairs on your existing car!

5. Do a credit rating check

Once you have completed the 4 credit building tactics above, apply for a credit report to perform a credit check. Provided you have been sensible with repaying all of you debts and bills in a timely manner, you should now have sufficient creditworthiness to apply for a credit card. In the event that you find an error on your credit report, make sure you take step to fix this as soon as you can. Furthermore, it is good practice to get into the habit of ordering credit check on an annual basis even after your credit card has been approved to that you can keep a track of your credit rating history as this will have the biggest effect on your credit building skills!