Finding a Home Loan with Bad Credit

´╗┐Finding a Home Loan with Bad Credit

If you have a poor credit history, it can be frustrating and seem impossible to find an affordable home loan. However, it is possible to find lenders that will accept your credit history, subject to fees and a number of conditions. You can also put in some effort toward getting home loan approval, even with a poor credit history. The following tips provide suggestions on how you can best work toward buying your own home
Home Loan Tip #1 Online mortgage lenders
Researching and comparing mortgage lenders can take a lot of time. A smarter investment of your time is to use the internet, shopping online and even getting home loan lenders bid for your business. The first step is supplying some personal information, including your credit history, and based on this mortgage lenders respond with their basic home loan packages. From here, it is a simple and easy matter for you to quickly assess your options and choose the best loan for you, emembering that even if you start with a higher interest rate, you can re-finance you mortgage once you get your credit back in shape.
Home Loan Tip #2 Down Payment
Generally, a larger initial deposit equates to a more favourable interest rate. Lenders tend to require borrowers with a poor credit history to provide between 10% and 20% as a down payment, and you should remember that a large down payment provides immediate equity, a factor that works in your favour when lenders make the approval decision.
Home Loan Tip #3 Mortgage Insurance The best way to provide security to a mortgage lender, and to minimize any fears they might have about your credit history is to take out mortgage insurance. It provides additional security to the lender, and can compensate for a poor credit history.