Emotional Freedom With Change Personal History

Emotional Freedom With Change Personal History

Change Personal History, is one of the most powerful techniques in an NLP practitioners toolbox. When clients come to see me for NLP, Herts at my NLP practice, Herts, it is possible to empower them to achieve emotional freedom using this technique.

Human beings only exist in the present. What we know is that we are constantly bombarded with sensory data from the environment. In order to make sense of this information, we filter it and store it as an internal representation or map. Anything not being experienced in the moment is a memory.

Often when individuals come to see me, for NLP in Herts, it is the memory of past events that are causing them a problem in the present. Specifically, it is the way the person re-experiences the past event during the process of remembering that accounts for distress in the present.

Change Personal History works by enabling the person to re-evaluate and make changes to the memory of past events. What’s more, the person is able to make use of current resources and knowledge that they have now, but didn’t have access to at the time the event occurred. So, whilst it’s not ever possible to change what actually happened, it is possible to change the meaning of past events and hence the effect this has on an individual’s behaviour.

During the Change Personal History process, the client is supported in re-living the event firstly in a dissociated state and secondly in an associated state, with the aid of a stacked resource anchor. The anchor is carefully chosen and built by the client and NLP practitioner. The client is giving the opportunity to imagine speaking directly to those involved in the event (this is done out loud), enabling the client to express what they needed too but were unable too at the time the event occurred. The client is supported to make changes to the event, to make it how they want it to be, with the benefit of the chosen resources. Other steps are included in the process, depending on the nature of the problematic past memory and unique needs and goals of the client.

In my experience, this technique is very effective and there is no longer any need for people to allow past memories to keep impacting on life in the present. If you feel you may benefit from experiencing the change personal history process, it may be worthwhile booking an appointment with an NLP practitioner. This technique is available at NLP, Herts.