Discover The Truth About Your Personal Credit Report

Discover The Truth About Your Personal Credit Report

Were you aware your personal credit report can be the determining factor in your getting a job? Did you know your private credit report can cause your personal auto and life insurance rates to go up? Just for your information it can also stop you from being insured.

Now did that get your attention? If it didn’t you have to be asleep at the wheel. Read on to discover other tips about your personal credit report you may not have known.

Most people understand what a personal credit report is. However, most people don’t realize the number of companies and government agencies which have access to your credit information. Not only do they have access to it; they use your credit history to make decisions, which can affect you for the rest of your life or at least in the foreseeable future.

One of the companies that will access your credit report is the insurance companies. You may not know it but when you complete an insurance application and sign it; in most cases you are giving them authority to check your credit history. Depending on what the insurance company’s standards are, your credit score and credit history may keep you from being insured or even cause you to be insured at a higher rate.

Your federal and local government agencies also have access to your credit report. One of the major drawbacks about that is they don’t have to reveal to you or get your permission to check your credit history. But in order to get this information these agencies must have a viable reason for obtaining this information.

One agency that you and other people may not like to hear about is the IRS. (Internal Revenue Service). If you are being audited they can track your credit history to help determine if you are committing fraud or not reporting all your income. The way they would be able to use your report is if you have paid off large amounts of debt, but did not report enough taxable income to have done so.

One way your credit report is used is by employers. Often time’s small and large employers will use the credit report to help make character decisions about you. Another way is if you are going to be in a position of handling money, they want to know if you are deeply in debt. It’s hard to believe your personal credit report can be used that way, but it is perfectly legal.

It is true the credit card companies and loaning institutions want to know if you pay your debts on time. But they also want to know that you have enough income to pay any new loan they may make to you. Your personal credit report will not only show the total of the loan but the monthly payment amount.

Many of the lenders will use this information to set a pre-determined credit amount or loan amount. If the total payments plus the new loan payment is above what is called the debt to income ratio they may not grant the loan at all.

As you can see your whole life can be affected by your credit report. Therefore it is advisable for you to keep your personal credit report in the best shape you can.