Corinth In Ancient Greece: The Rise and Downfall

Corinth In Ancient Greece: The Rise and Downfall

Corinth in Ancient Greece was very wealthy due to the fact that it was very active in trading. It is a town right in between southern Greece and northern Greece. It was a strategic location in ancient Greece history.

Like other Greek towns, it fell during the Dark Ages, but found its way back to progress around 900 BC. After the Dark Ages, Corinth in Ancient Greece had Oligarchy as its system of government and rule.

It was after the Dark Ages that trading became more prevalent in Corinth’s activities. Pottery, wine, glass jars, and the like were exchanged or sold at each trading point. The fancy little pots as container for perfumes were the trademark of Corinth at one time that they made a lot out of these, not until the people from Athens took over this industry of fancy pottery making.

Corinth in ancient Greece was known to have sided Sparta during the Persian War and the Peloponnesian War. It supported Sparta with soldiers during the battles. It also made use of its economic resources for this advocacy. They followed Sparta on these wars and suffered the loses as well.

There was a time when Corinth led and became powerful. This was seen especially when Sparta fell from power. Corinth in Ancient Greece then led their own Alliance known as the Corinthian League. They submitted though to Macedonian rule by around 338 BC, and have never again regained the power it once held.

During the conquest of Romans in Greece, Corinth was completely destroyed. Only after a hundred years, Julius Caesar rebuilt the place, but now became a Roman City. Christianity was then preached on Corinth as the Romans tried to introduce their religion and culture to their conquered cities. While under the rule of the Romans, there were invasions from Germany and other groups. In the 1400’s, the Ottoman Empire took over the city.

Rich was the history of Corinth in ancient Greece, and their interesting stories. The many historic events that they had gone through, the development of fancy pottery & other arts, the promotion of trading as one of their main economic activities, the wars & battles fought, the submission to conquering groups, and many more, as history goes on to show. Corinth in ancient Greece proves to have made important marks in the pages of history, as the other Greek city-states have. Corinth definitely is one worth mentioning in ancient Greece history.