Combination Resume help Jobseekers

´╗┐Combination Resume help Jobseekers

The combination resume highlights the key strengths of both the chronological format and the functional format, allowing a
Job seeker to emphasize both a steady work history and diverse skill sets. Although all good resumes meet these qualifications to a certain extent, the goal of the combination format is to showcase both a consistent employment record and a specific list of skill sets, incorporating a sound time frame to serve as the backbone of the resume.

Demonstrating to an employer how your skills directly resulted in accomplishments for the company in both the skill sets section and the work history section is the defining characteristic of the combination resume, as opposed to the functional resume, which keeps the skills and work history separate.

The combination format also allows professionals to apply for a broader range of jobs than does the strict chronological format. The combination resume has been a successful choice for consultants, as a strong work history is backed by individual success at specific companies or while overseeing key projects. It is also a good choice if you have both strong skills and a steady employment record but need a resume that will overcome the objections some employers may have to the functional format. The emphasis of this resume, remember, is on the specific skills you can bring to a future employer.

1) Combines the defining strengths of chronological and functional resumes; a steady work history and diverse skill sets.

2) Allows a broader ranger of professional objectives than does the strict chronological resume.

3) Is great for consultants because it specifies how they influenced a business’s success.


1) If you are applying for positions in multiple industries, skill sections and accomplishment bullets may have to be reorganized and tweaked accordingly.

2) Conservative employers may desire the chronological resume, especially for executives.