CarFax Woes — Top 5 Things To Watch For

CarFax Woes — Top 5 Things To Watch For

Many car buyers find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance, whether they are in New

York, Massachusetts, Connecticut or elsewhere in the country. What’s our advice?

#1 When buying a car, run your own CarFax report; don’t be penny-wise and dollar-foolish by

relying on the auto dealer to do the right thing. Many dealers alter reports to make a sale,

and proving liability for fraud in a case like this is virtually impossible.

#2 Show the car to a certified mechanic. Most mechanics will gladly inspect vehicles for an

hour’s fee. Most significant problems with the car will be obvious to a trained eye; don’t

rely on the dealer’s mechanic to provide advice to you.

#3 Check the vehicle’s VIN with your state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles; many states allow

consumers to search vehicle information free of charge, and many of such searches will

reveal lemon law history of the vehicle.

#4 If the vehicle is a recent make and model, visit a dealer for that manufacturer and ask

for a Warranty Repair History for the vehicle you are looking to purchase. Most will provide

it. The history will show you what work had been done on the vehicle while it was under the

manufacturer’s warranty.

#5 Finally, use your judgment! Most unscrupulous dealerships will hide, obfuscate, and say

anything to make the sale. Do your research before buying your car, and don’t count on the

dealer to take it back if problems develop – most won’t!