Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

It there is one city in Eastern Europe that is rich in history, culture and tradition, and scenic spots that would be no other than Budapest, Hungary. It is considered as the one of the seven largest cities among the member countries of the European Union.

Budapest, Hungary before it became the capital has undergone many trials. It is composed of three different old cities, which were amalgamated in 1873. The cities of Buda, Obuda and Pest are what comprise Budapest, Hungary. Today, the city boasts of an estimate of 1.7 million population, which had undergone a downward trend from 2,016,100 in 1990 and 1,719, 343 in 2003. Budapest, Hungary is the home of the world’s famous waterway, the Danube River.

The rich history of Budapest is what defined its unique characteristics. Each major city before what it is today has its own story to tell to its visitors. When combed which a peculiar collage a history that its truly one of kind in the world.

Budapest has plenty of interesting and fascinating sited to visit. From old museums and ancient palaces, to modern architectural designs of big shopping malls and different engineering feats reflected by the many bridges that cross the Danube River. Budapest is truly a marvelous place to stroll around. The Danube River alone is one big a spectacle to behold.

Taking a day trip in Budapest will require every tourist to decide which side of the city to visit first. The scenery of the Pest side is just as lovely and gorgeous as the scenes in the Buda side. Either side promises a breathtaking view that captured the hearts of visitors of Budapest.

At the east side of the riverbank, where Pest is located, visitors will get the chance to visit the National Museum, which housed the famous collection like the Crown Jewels of the Royal families centuries past and the most sought treasure, the Hungarian Holy Crown before it was forever transferred to the Parliament at the turn of the 21st century. A place of worship, the Synagogue, which acclaimed as Europe’s largest and perhaps the second largest synagogue in the world is also found in this old capital city.

Buda, the hilly side of Budapest together with Obuda have their own attraction to brag of. The world-renowned Bud Castle. Leisure walk inside the perimeters of the Castle together with other tourist can give educational information about the secrets of the Castle. Better yet, visitors can ride a Funicular, to have a bird’s eye view of the castle that extend up to Castle Hill. The Matthias Church, National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Budapest History Museum are likewise situated in one of the hilly side of Buda.
The mystical beauty and allure of Budapest, Hungary is definitely enchanting. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Budapest now.