Bermuda History

Bermuda History

Every country has its own narrative account that has made it specially distinct from its neighboring regions. Putting that its pecuniary status is struggling, the story of its past makes it naturally abundant, it may not be in terms of its raw reserves in the bank because, real treasure is not measured by “how much”.

This island in the North Atlantic Ocean also has its own share of its yesteryear chronicles. Setting aside the fact that their economy is booming each year, as proof to it, their currency is as the same as that of the American dollar. Here, it will be divided into four periods to grasp wholly what have influenced their customs and traditions.

Bermuda History between 1505- 1699
It was believed that the country was first discovered by accident by Juan de Bermudez. He was the captain of one of the Spanish vessels called La Garza. For the reason that it was small, nobody made it a dwelling until 1609. In 1509, the Portuguese started to trade African and Arabian slaves because aside from ridding from those people, they also gained profit. That explains why the blacks have dominated the percentage of its population. By 1511, a book published by Peter Martyr contained the map of the place making it much easier for any future voyage.

Bermuda History between 1700- 1899
It was consisting the period where a number of establishments that are still seen erected at this juncture have been built. It is here that the influence of sophistication brought about by the English can be overtly seen as well as in exercising their aristocrat authority. A hotel was made in 1700 as a residence for the governor. A year later, Saint George and Fox’ Cottage was constructed on Duke of Clarence Street. The Old Rectory, Reeve Court, Verdmont, Tucker House, Christ Church, Devnshire Church and a lot more.

Bermuda History between 1900- 1999
It was the Americans that showed much power for a long time. No wonder why the country is also associated with them and not just with who legally owns them. It is a reflection of how innately entertaining they are as they introduced certain activities for recreation. In 1900, it was the birth date of an important lady that gave a huge contribution, Alice Kennedy who was able to author four books about the island by serving as a nun, artist, teacher and librarian. Two years later, the Biological Station was founded. There was the conception of cricket, bus, electricity, yacht and many more for the first time in the island.

Bermuda History between 2000- 2006
It is here that both America and Britain have been combined that have suggested to the world what their country really is. It is here that they are more than established in terms of a variety of aspects especially in their tourism which has the been the strongest factor for bringing in profit in the island.