Bad Credit Rating High Auto Insurance There Is No Appeal

Bad Credit Rating High Auto Insurance There Is No Appeal

Believe it or not whether you pay your bills on time can make a hefty difference in your car insurance premiums.

The adage of an experienced home contractor was that “If the yard is neat you will have no trouble being paid. If the yard is messy then you will have trouble being paid for the home repair job.

It seemed in this case that a neat lawn showed an organized person who could asses priorities and follow through with projects. A messy lawn’s inference was that if the person could not take of their lawn – the same in most cases would be true of their finances and their ability to take care of the money – including paying bills – whether it was for the contractor, a mortgage or car payments or even home or income taxes.

Car insurance premiums are assessed in the same way by auto insurance companies. In the majority of states in the United States and in the provinces of Canada a key factor. taken into account. In the algorithm of the calculation of a motorist’s auto insurance premium is the individual’s credit rating and credit history. It is estimated that up to 90 % of vehicle insurance firms use credit ratings as a standard factor in the determination of the premium rates assessed on individual motorists and the other vehicles in the families fleet of vehicles – whether they be car , truck , can or SUV.

Amazingly there are laws to provide the individual with their credit rating, credit rating and history – as long as the individual asks for it, in the steps required by law. And the credit reporting agency.

Forewarned and informed and individual can take corrective action on credit problems – whether they be missed payments or debts. As well an informed consumer is the know to identify and proceed to correct mistakes in their credit history. Not so with a motorist’s auto insurance vehicle risk score. Not only will they not know that they are being dinged for a poor auto insurance risk score, because of a poor credit history so that their premiums will be much higher than they need be, but once a high premium rate is assessed it may stay in place for many years to come – on not one but a number of vehicles.In addition it is as if the insurance industry reporting system has tentacles in the insurance industry. Should you go to for a quote to a competitive auto insurance firm your poor credit rating has been attached already to your auto insurance risk calculations. Most likely you will find that you will have the same high assessed insurance premiums whoever you go to get a quote. There is no appeal process for this.

What is the message? First of all pay your bills on time. Whether you are irresponsible, disorganized or downright dishonest you should appreciate the fact that your credit rating is more than important to you. Sure you may think that there is nothing wrong in missing a payment – for a charge card, a bank loan or a home mortgage. The higher premiums that you may receive for your auto insurance are just one example that it does matter. On top of that bad business procedures and tactics on your part, on a business long ago dissolved may still sit on your credit history as unresolved debts and liens. You may even be named on such a financial document even though you left a company long ago and are not even employed by them. Check your credit rating for credit problems, that can be resolved and also for downright mistakes and inaccuracies on your credit history. It never hurts to be thorough and it never hurts to pay cash.