Bad Credit Car Loans An Unbelievable Opportunity

Bad Credit Car Loans An Unbelievable Opportunity

Every one is aloud to dream. Everyone’s dreams are different to other people. Dream for most people is a car. Now days everyone can get what they dream of even people with bad credit history. This has been made possible by bad credit car loans.

Bad credit car loans are designed for people who have had bad credit history. It includes people who have defaulted in their repayments when they have taken loans earlier from their creditors.
People who are labeled as people with having bad credit history include people like:

· People who have defaulted with their payments
· People who are in arrears
· CCJ’s (county court judgements)
· People who have filled for bankruptcy
· Late payments or
· IVA’s

Bad credit is earned on the basis of how the borrower has repaid his previous creditors and that is how we arrive at a credit score, which is a rating to judge your financial credit worthiness.

A score, which is considered poor, is one, which is below 600. This is a general credit score. There are also other credit scores such as one offered by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) the range of which is from 300 to 850. The three FICO score is calculated keeping the following things in perspective.

Payment history (35%)
Amounts owed (30%)
Lengths of credit history (15%)
New credit (10%)
Types of credits used (10%)

You can get your FICO score calculated by any of three different credit bureaus namely Trans union, Experian or Equifax. Your fico scores will affect how much and what loans terms the lenders will offer you. Therefore, the higher the credit score the better loan deals you will get for your bad credit car loans.

An example for that would be if you want a loan of £150000 for a period of 30 years and you have a credit score of 760 that will save you around £2600 a year in comparison to a person who wants these similar loan terms and has a credit score of 620.

Bad credit car loans come in both secured and unsecured forms. In secured bad credit car loans the borrower would be required to provide the lender with a security in order to take a loan. Whereas, in unsecured bad credit car loans the borrower is not under any obligation to provide any security to the lender. Hence justifiably unsecured bad credit car loans carry a little higher rate of interest to cover up for the risk factor of the lender.

All you need to do for applying for applying for bad credit car loans is to first estimate your requirement in terms of what you want i.e. either you want a new car or a used car and how do you plan to get it i.e. Either through secured bad credit car loans or an unsecured bad credit car loans.

Bad credit car loans can be acquired by any borrower all he requires to do is get all his details sorted out i.e. both financial and personal and then submit your details to the lender. You can do that online, as this would lead to a loan decision faster than otherwise.

Some of the features of bad credit car loans are:

· Both secured and unsecured car loans are available
· You can have loans for both used and new cars
· You can get the loans tailor made to your budget
· While online you can use various features provided by the lenders such as loan calculator, different quotes and if you are unsure you can get expert advice by the counselors.

Lending organizations now days understand how important a car is for an individual or any one. This problem gets even more difficult for people with bad credit history that is why we now have bad credit car loans serving people who have bad credit history. These loans are now available with many benefits to the borrowers as with so many lenders and tough competition between them. The customer enjoys all the benefits.