Art History

Art History

A degree in art history is useful for someone who wishes to be a teacher or perhaps work in an art museum. Many people find it interesting to learn about the history of artistic pursuits and go to art school to get a degree in art history.

For those who wish to find a career in teaching art history, it is necessary to get an art degree. If you are planning on teaching grammar school children, you may do well with a bachelor degree of arts. If you are planning on teaching older children, such as high school students or even at the college level, you will most likely need a master degree in art history.

Art history is a most fascinating subject and most people enjoy learning about the old masters, the impressionists and the others who followed in their footsteps. Most school districts teach a bit of art history in middle school and add it as an elective during high school.

Other uses for an art history degree would be to work in an art museum. This can be quite a rewarding and lucrative career, particularly if you aspire to be a curator of a museum. Those who wish to have a career working in an art museum will most likely have to begin in an entry level job at the museum, in most cases, as a tour guide.

In order to obtain a teaching job, a person should also have a degree in education. Many people major in art history and minor in education when seeking a job as an art history teacher. It is also important to have the correct teaching certifications.

Someone with a master degree in art history will find many different avenues open to him or her, although this is not the most lucrative of careers in the art field. It can be very satisfying, however, for anyone who truly appreciates the history of art. Someone must preserve this history for future generations. This endeavor lies on shoulders of those who choose to teach art history, either in a classroom setting or in a museum.

Anyone who has a love of history as well as art appreciation should consider a career as an art teacher or art history teacher. In many schools, a teacher is supposed to know about many different types of art as well as different art techniques to teach students. Although a teacher may major in art history, they will also be required to teach students skills such as jewelry making, painting and drawing.

It is good to be well rounded in the field of art if you are planning a career as an art teacher. If, however, you seek to work in a museum as an art historian, you need only concentrate on art history. You should know your art history backwards and be able to ascertain which artist painted which type of painting by sight. Your knowledge will come in very handy to those who visit the museum where you work.

An art history degree can be used for many different purposes and can be very enjoyable for someone who wants to teach, work in a museum or even write books about the history of the fine arts. It is important that people continue to study art history so that the knowledge can continue to spread to future generations.