Applying For A Major Credit Card Even Without Prior History

Applying For A Major Credit Card Even Without Prior History

Credit cards are used in almost all day-to-day transactions nowadays. From buying milk to getting a nose job, credit cards are the currency of modern times. Although far from totally replacing real money, a credit card is necessary in order for you to have a place in today’s trade and commerce. Applying for a credit card is typically easy; but in some cases, it is much like getting a camel pass through a needle head.

Applying for a major credit card without prior experience or credit history makes obtaining one a far more difficult process. A credit history is needed to measure your capability to pay amounts owed and it also allows the issuing company to provide you with a credit limit and payment plan that can best suit your lifestyle and personality. The absence of a credit history will almost make companies balk at the idea of giving you a credit card; on the other hand, if you are not issued a credit card, there is no way that you can have a credit history. Before this whole issue looks more like a chicken-and-egg debate, here are honest tips that can help you apply for a credit card while you still do not have a credit history.

Explore Other Credit Options

Most of the time, the major credit card companies are the ones who give people without credit history a hard time in applying for a credit card. It is therefore incumbent upon you to look for other credit card options through which you can build your credit history. Usually, smaller companies offer more leniencies to people who do not yet have credit card history.

Entities like department stores and gas stations issue credit cards with small credit limits. If you are issued a credit card from smaller companies, always remember that your goal is to eventually obtain credit cards issued by major international companies, so make it a point to build an impressive credit history by paying your obligations to smaller credit card companies.

Credit Cards Issued By Unions

Being a member of some credit union has its benefits as this type of union issues credit cards to their members. Hence, as a member, or as someone who is qualified to join a credit union, you can take advantage of getting your first ever credit card on which you can build on your credit card history. While obtaining a credit union card can be fairly easy for members, it does not mean that the union gives out its cards blindly. Again, make it a point to pay your debts on time.

Try Secured Credit Cards

Go look for moneylenders who are ready to issue a credit card that has a credit limit amount equal to or a little higher than the cash you have deposited in their favor as security. You may think that this setup is like cooking you in your own fat, but the fact is you need to build your credit history, and if there are no other avenues to do that, secured credit cards are the way to go. Eventually, these types of moneylenders will increase your credit limit without asking you to deposit more cash security. After you have gained an acceptable credit record, you may be qualified to apply for credit cards from major issuing companies.

Truly, the way to apply for a credit card from major credit card companies is by having a good credit history. After you have gone through the different options mentioned above, look for a credit card institution that will evaluate your overall credit history and financial status; and just maybe, you will have your first credit card from a major company.