A Brief History of Greece

A Brief History of Greece

One could say that the history of Greece is very fascinating, and looking back into how Greece has evolved at each point in history, you will be amazed by how they overcame obstacles from invasions to internal conflicts, and how they have made a mark in the books of history.

The history of Greece starts with the Stone Age hunters. Then the early farmers and the Minoan civilizations, and Mycenaean kings. The Dark Ages was a period of war for Greece. With civil war also in the picture, the Dorians who were from the Northern part and took over Greece. These Dorians were one of the three major groups in ancient Greece, together with the Aeolians, and the Ionians.

Then came the Archaic period wherein arts particularly in monumental sculpture, which was mainly inspired by the human figure, became prevalent. Paintings mainly depicted as well these human forms, which clearly showed somewhat an obsession of such, during this part of the history of Greece. It is also worthy to note that it was on this time that the city-states started to form.

Then we have the Classical period in the history of Greece when the ancient Greeks came in conflict with Persia. Also in this period, Athens marked its place in history with the creation of the democratic form of government under the leadership of Pericles. Their ideas on politics, law, and government were intense – which led them to ideal concepts of state leadership and rule. Also at this time, the playwrights appeared and came up with their tragedies and comedies.

Then came next the Hellenistic period, when the conquests of Philip and Alexander of Macedon took place. Not only was their plan to take-over the land during these conquests, but to preach the Greek culture over those they will eventually rule upon. With these, Greek culture influenced many nations and civilizations. Greek’s philosophies, religion, art, literature and politics were introduced to the outside world.

The history of Greece is not only interesting, but also inspiring. The different parts in their history showed, not an absence of threat, or an easy path to evolution, but still the Greeks thrived, even with these obstacles and hindrances along the way. The ancient Greeks persevered, adapted, learned, and moved on strategically to conquering nations, and leaving these marks on the pages of history. The history of Greece is definitely worthy of one’s study – learn, and be inspired!